Why this Mission   ? . . .

It has been observed in programmes for poverty alleviation that participation of poor women in the process of development has resulted in the creation of a socially vibrant grass-roots process and more importantly with the women identifying with the process as their own. This aids the poor to participate as active subjects in the development process and acquire the necessary skills through experimental learning. This results in the rediscovering & redefining of their selves, redesigning their organization and has started the process of rethinking on reasons for being poor.

It is now believed these women’s micro and small-scale enterprises can provide an opportunity to accelerate general levels of economic activity and at the same time promote a more equitable distribution of development benefits. But, many of the large number of Self Help Groups created in the name of eradication poverty by developing a supplementary credit delivery mechanism have not evolved through a process of sustainability.

The setting-up the Self Help Mission will look into the day to day management functions of the group dedicated to capacity building of the SHGs, facilitating and monitoring their activities and provide the much needed techno-managerial support. This would create a system that would sustain itself long after the external support mechanism is withdrawn.

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