Date: 29. 08. 2001

Mission Shakti- a Self Help Mission was launched on International Women’s Day i.e., 8th March 2001. The Mission Document giving the details of the objectives, structure and functions of the mission was released. Director, Social Welfare was appointed as the Ex-officio Mission Director. The progress made under the Mission so far is given below.

  2. 1.1 Existing SHG as on 31st March 2001

    In order to assess the existing SHG in the State, all the district Collectors were asked to furnish information on existing SHGs in the State as on 31st March, 2001. As per the compilation there are 32,268 SHGs with 4,35,310 members.

    1.2 New Groups promoted since 1.04.01

    As per the report 10710 groups have been formed in the districts.

    1.3 Management Information System

    The proforma for Management Information System has been developed and circulated to all the districts for reporting. A guideline for reporting system has also been issued to all collectors. The Software is being developed.


2.1 Selection of State Level Trainers

A Sub-Committee for capacity building was constituted as per the decision in the Executive Committee comprising of General Manager, NABARD; State Director, CARE; Director, State Institute of Rural Development; Secretary, Organisation for Social Change and Rural Development(an NGO- nodal agency for Rashtriya Mahila Kosh) and General Manager, MVSN. The Subcommittee selected some organizations as the State Level Trainers on the basis of some experience in the field of SHG or because they are Training Institutions. They are i) CARE, Orissa, ii) NABARD, iii) State Institute of Rural Development, Orissa, Bhubaneswar, iv) Center for Youth and Social Development, Bhubaneswar, v) CENDRRET, XAVIER Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, vi) Mahila Vikash Samabay Nigam, Bhubaneswar, vii) Organisation for Social Change and Rural Development,(OSCARD) Bhubaneswar, viii) Rashtriya Gramin Vikash Nidhi, Bhubaneswar, ix) VIKASH, Bhubaneswar, 10. Institute of Co-operative Management, Orissa, Bhubaneswar. For the current year CARE, Orissa is supporting State level and District level training of trainers.

Besides, it was also decided that the Home Economic Training Centres (HETC)/ ICDS training centres will include the subject on Promotion of SHG in their training curriculum for Anganwadi Workers.

2.2 Training of State Level Trainers

At the State Level the Training of Trainers has been completed in two phases (the first phase from 21.05.01 to 26.05.01 was on promotion of SHG and the second phase from 18.06.01 to 23.06.01 was on financial management of the SHG). This was organized by CARE, Orissa and the resource persons were from Bankers Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow, who have expertise in the area of micro-finance.

2.3 Training of District Level Trainers

2.3.1 The Collectors have selected district level trainers @ 5 per block comprising of officials of Govt., Banks and NGOs.

2.3.2 Training module

Training module for district level training has been finalised by the State Level Trainers on 13.06.01. The district level TOT will be in two phases- phase one will be for 3 day duration on SHG Promotion and phase two for 2-day duration on Financial Management of SHG after a gap of one month of completion of phase one training.

2.3.3 Training coverage and expenditure

In total 1570 personnel will be trained at the District level TOT in 52 batches with an average size of 30 each. The expenditure would be Rs. 16.38 lakh @ Rs.31500 per batch. This will be borne by CARE, Orissa, as committed by them.

2.3.4 Training Manual

Content and coverage of the Training manual for district level trainer was finalised by the State level Trainers in a workshop during 28th & 29th June 2001. The training material was then developed in Oriya and the same has been printed.

2.3.5 Allocation of district and schedule of training

Allocation of districts to the State level trainers was made for conducting the training. The schedule of training has been finalized in a meeting of trainers on 7.08.01. The first phase district level TOT has started from 23.08.01 and will be completed by 15.10.01.

2.3.6 Other Trainings proposed Training of Anganwadi Workers:The Anganwadi Workers(AWW) will be involved in the SHG formation and promotion in a big way. It is therefore, necessary to impart two day training to the AWWs on SHG promotion. Proposals have been sent to the NABARD for sponsoring the training of 10,000 AWWs and to UNICEF for 20,000 AWWs. This training will be spread over a period of two years. Training of SHG leaders/ Members: In order to build the capacity of the SHG members to manage their activities and maintain the books of account properly, one day orientation training is proposed for 2.00 lakh SHG members @ 2 from each group. The proposals have been sent to UNICEF and NABARD to sponsor training of 1.6 lakh members and 0.40 lakh members, respectively.


In order to sensitize and orient the district Collectors and DSWO on Mission Shakti- a two-day orientation programme has been proposed. NABARD is willing to take up the sensitization programme for Collectors and CARE, Orissa for the DSWOs.

Since NABARD has the requisite experience and expertise, they have been requested to conduct the sensitization programme of the Bankers in a time bound manner.

It is also proposed to sensitise the field officers like, BDOs, CDPOs, PD, DRDA and PRI members to ensure their active involvement and participation in the MISSION.


English and Oriya Version of "SHAKTI SAMACHAR" the quarterly news letter of Mission Shakti has been prepared.

Material for web-site has already been developed. The website contains information on Mission goal, objectives, approach, structure, function, activities of the Mission, and district-wise information. This may be formally inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on a convenient date.

In the third State level Executive committee meeting, it was decided to draw up an action plan for IEC under MISSION Shakti.


Major partners viz., NABARD, SBI, OSCB, MVSN, OSCARD, RGVN have been asked to give suitable instructions to their field functionaries to liaison with District Collectors.

The State level Stake Holders Conference held on 16.05.2001 at Bhubaneswar, which was attended by main partner organizations like:

NABARD, State Bank of India, SIDBI, Rashtriya Gramin Vikash Nidhi, Centre for Youth and Social Development, OSCARD, Watershed Mission, HUDCO, Collector, Ganjam, CARE, Orissa, Mahila Vikash Samabay Nigam, State Social Welfare Advisory Board, etc.

In the said meeting the following aspects were discussed: -

All the districts were issued with the proceedings of the State level conference of Stakeholders and were instructed to hold district level conference of Stakeholders.



7.1 Steps have been taken to include "credit linkage of SHGs" as an agenda items in the State Level Bankers’ Committee.

7.2 District Collectors have been asked to include Mission Shakti and credit linkage as an agenda item in District level coordination committee.

7.3 Honorable Chief Minister had a meeting with Chief General Manager, State Bank of India (who assured credit linkage to 7,000 SHGs ), Andhra Bank (who assured credit linkage to 6,000 SHGs), and with CGM, NABARD, who assured all possible help.

7.4 A meeting of Bankers was held on 29.06.01 in which representatives from 7 banks participated.

The bankers present were requested to extend their active support by providing timely & adequate credit linkage to the existing women SHGs and groups to be formed henceforth. The bankers were also agreed upon for providing credit-linkage to the women SHGs.

The tentative target for credit linkage of different banks are as follows:-

Name of the Bank

No. of Rural Bank branches

No. of SHGs to be credit linked during 2001-02

Major districts of Operation

Bank of India



Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar

Andhra Bank




Central Bank



Balangir, Deogarh & Jajpur

Canara Bank



Bank of Boroda



Keonjhar, Nayagarh, Puri & Khurda.

U. CO. Bank



Lead bank in Dhenkanal, Angul, Khurda, Jajpur, Cuttack, Puri, Balasore.

Syndicate Bank



Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Puri.

7.5 Mission Director interacted with DDMs NABARD in NABARD office and apprised them regarding Mission Shakti. She also interacted with officials from head office of NABARD and with State Bank of India officials.


A sub-committee comprising of representatives of NABARD, CARE and Asst. Director, Mission Shakti was formed to decide upon the criteria and modalities for selection of best SHG from each district. The criteria have been finalized.


9.1 District Level Advisory Committee has been constituted in all districts.

9.2 Block Level Micro Finance Co-ordination committee constituted in all the districts.

9.3 Mission Shakti has been formally launched in 25 districts except in Boudh, Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Phulbani.

9.4 Sanchay Saptah organised in 25 districts except in Bolangir, Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara, Khurda and Phulbani.

9.5 The selection of district level trainers has been completed in 23 districts except in Jajpur, Jagatsinghpur, Kalahandi, Keonjhar, Kendrapara, Khurda and Koraput.

9.6 All districts have also started the process forming new groups. The detail list is enclosed at Annexure.

    1. Logo competition has been organised in Angul, Balasore and Dhenkanal.
    2. Slogan competition organized in Angul.
    3. In Angul Zonal awareness camps for SHG promotion have been organized Special drive for one time increase in Savings have been made.

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