CENTRAL EXCISE

                                        TRADE  NOTICE NO.  17 /GL- 15 /2005

                 Dt. 11.07.2005


Sub:-     – Online Submission of certain information in respect of production, clearance, revenue liability etc. on a weekly basis by major Central Excise paying units-Reg.



Hon’ble Fince Minister has desired that there should be closer and regular interaction at senior levels between the Department and the major central excise assessees, who contribute bulk of the Central Excise revenue.This will enable the senior officers of the Department to keep in touch with the prevailing realities and to take prompt remedial action for the problems, if any, faced by such assessees.


 With this objective, consultations were held with the leading trade chambers. It has been decided that major assessees shall henceforth submit the information on-line relating to production, clearance, exports and revenue-liability etc. on a weekly basis. The intention is to facilitate regular interaction with the major assessees for better mutual understanding and not to base any assessment on such information. This will open a systemic communication channel between the department and the major assessees at senior levels. Further details are indicated below in a question-answer form-


Question: Who are required to submit this information?

Answer: All the assessees who paid over Rs one crore from PLA in the preceding financial year are required to furnish this information.


Question: What information is required to be submitted ?

Answer: The format for on-line information is given below.


The procedure to access the site


1.                  Open the site

2.                  Click on the link ‘File Your Central Excise Returns’

3.                  Enter the user Id and password.

4.                  On successful login, the main menu will be displayed.

5.                  Choose the Weekly Information Option and then Click on Entry Button.

6.                  Now it will ask the Year and Month in YYYYMM format.

7.                  Then it will ask for the Week (W1/W2/W3/W4 ) of the Month for which the information is to be submitted.

8.                  Next it will ask for the Return No. By default it is 1. Press O.K. Button.

9.                  Now it will display the Entry Form of the Weekly Information.

10.              Fill the form and save the record. Similarly more records can be entered and save.

11.              After all the records are entered, click on ‘ File You Return ’ botton to finally submit the Weekly Information. Once submitted, records cannot be amended.


Question: What will be the modalities for submission of the information ?

Answer: All such assessees will be required to fill the web form and submit the data to the department electronically. No paper report is required to be submitted. A de-mat format for this purpose including the fields containing weekly details of production and clearance and duty liability for on-line submission by such major Central Excise assessees has been developed. The web form for the same is hosted on the website htttp:// The detailed procedure to access the website and load the data is enclosed. The confidentiality of the information will be maintained.


Question: How should the data be posted ?

Answer: The data is to be posted on the website indicated above. The assessees will use the user Id and password allotted to them for e-filing the said information. The login Id &  password for such units can be obtained from Shri J.K. Jha, Additional Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs, Bhuabeswar-I Commissionerate.


Question: What will be the periodicity of submission of such information?

Answer: The information is to be submitted on a weekly basis. For the purpose of this information, the weekly period and the last date for its submission are specified below:-


Period to be covered in the information

Date of submission

1st of the month to 7th

10th of month

8th  of the month to 14th

17th of month

15th  of the month to 21st

24th of month

22nd  of the month to end of the month

3rd  of the next month


The assessees are requested to file the information weekly with effect from the last week of june, 2005(i.e. from 22nd june, 2005 to 30th june, 2005 to be filed by 3rd july

2005). In case of any doubt or difficulty relating to its e-filing, the Commisnor of Central

Excise & Customs Bhubaneswer-I Commissionerate, or Shri R. Venkatraman, ADG (Systems), Chennai may be contacted. The e-mail address and phone no. of the Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs, Bhubaneswar-I and ADG(Systems), Chennai are given hereunder:


1.Shri J.K. Jha,

Additional Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs,


e-mail address: OR ccebbsr1@

 Tel: 0674-2581031



2.Shri R. Venkataraman,

ADG(Systems), Chennai

e-mail address:




All Trade Associations/Chambers of Commerce/Members of Regional Advisory Committee are requested to bring the contents of this Trade Notice to the notice of their member constituents who paid over Rs. 1 crore from PLA  in the preceding financial year. .

Encl:- As above.


                                                                                                  ( J.K. JHA )

                                                                                   ADDL COMMISSIONER(TECH)  

                                                                                   CUSTOMS & CENTRAL EXCISE


Authority:  CBE&C’s  letter F.No.296/14/2005-CX.9 dtd.22.06.2005                                                                                                                                                                        

C.No.IV(16)18 /TU/BBSR-I/2005/  1419-1499B                                   Dt. 11.07.2005


Copy forwarded to:-

1.Chamber of Commerce (all)

2.Member of Recognised Trade Association (all)

       3.Member of Regional Advisory Committee (all)

4.Chief Commissioner,Central Excise & Customs,Bhubaneswar.

5.Commissioner(A), Central excise & Customs,Bhubaneswar.

6.Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs,Bhubaneswar-II.

7.Deputy/Asst. Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs(all Hdqrs).

8.Deputy/Asst. Commissioner, Central Excise and Customs(all Divisions).

         9. Superintendent, Central Excise & Customs(all Hdqrs).

 10.Superintendent, Central Excise & Customs(all Ranges).                              

 11.All Sector Officer, Central Excise & Customs.