Appointment of Staff Nurse Dated 31 October 2017

         Corrigendum to Advt. No. AHRCC/E-02/2017 Dated 29th June 2017

         Engagement of Sr.Resident / Tutor ( Dated 29th June 2017 )

      Tender & Quotation

         tender for cleaning and sanitation ( Dated:8.12. 2017)

         tender for cooked and dry diet( Dated:8.12. 2017)

         tender for supply of medicines( Dated:8.12. 2017)

         Tender notice No.5128( Dated:7.12. 2017)

         Tender notice No.5131( Dated:7.12. 2017)

         Corrigendum 3741( Dated:4.9. 2017)

         TENDER NO 3530( Dated:21st AUG 2017)

         TENDER NO 3470( Dated:18th AUG 2017)

         Quotation For Supply Of Books( Dated:17th JUly 2017)

         Quotation For Supply Of Instruments (Order No. 2613 Dated:4th JUly 2017)

         TENDER PAPER (Dated:15th May 2017)

         Quotation For Washing Machine (Dated:5th May 2017)

         Quotation (Dated:24th Jan. 2017)

         Quotation (Dated:3rd Jan. 2017)

         Quotation (Dated:2nd Jan. 2017)

         Quotation (Dated:29 Dec. 2016)

         Tender paper for Tender Notice No. 4835 (Dated:17 Dec. 2016)

         Quotation (Dated:15 Dec. 2016)

         Revised Tender paper for Tender Notice No. 4435 datede 17/11/2016

         Quotation (Dated:1st Dec. 2016)

         CORRIGENDUM(25TH NOV. 2016)

         QUOTATION (25TH NOV. 2016)

         Tender (17TH NOV. 2016)

         Quotation For Instruments (4TH NOV. 2016)

         Tender For purchase of Computers & Peripherals (28 October 2016)

         Quotation for Auto Clave(Quotation 19.9.2016)

         Supply of contrast for LINAC (Quotation . No.3534 dated 15.9.2016)

         Corrigendum (Tender Paper For Books dated 31.08.2016) dated 7.9.2016

         Tender Paper For Books dated 31.08.2016

         Quotation Call Notice dated 16.07.2016


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In early fifties, the combined Radiology department of SCB Medical College, Cuttack started treating cancer using deep X-ray therapy and radium application. In 1962, a full fledged Radiotherapy department with 100 beds was started. Thereafter in 1967, it was designated as the Cancer Wing of SCB Medical College, Cuttack and a Theratron-Jr telecobalt unit was installed under the Colombo-plan. During 1971-73 another telecobalt unit Eldorado-6 was added to the treatment armamentarium.

On the recommendation of the WAHI committee, the status of the Cancer Wing was elevated to the level of a Regional Cancer Centre for Research and Treatment in 1983 with a view to develop it into an integrated complex providing for research, investigations, early detection and treatment & prevention of cancer. On 24th April 1984, this Regional Cancer Centre was declared as an autonomous institution and was named Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre, Cuttack, after the great dedicated social worker Acharya Harihara, a disciple of Acharya Vinoba Bhabe, founder of the Bhudan movement.

Now, this hospital forms an important component for treatment of cancer in the eastern part of India covering the whole state of Orissa and its neighboring states like Andhrapradesh, Chhatisgarh, West Bengal, Bihar and Jhadakhand. View Larger Map